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Monkey Boxing on Apple’s Wish List

Take a look at the new official iPhone5C and 5S promo images on Features page:

Monkey Boxing is right in the middle!


Check the Game Page!

Zorro tech: a hole-digging shader

Here’s a sample of Drakkar Dev’s “Zorro” technique: a combination of shaders and code to dynamically dig “holes” into any mesh (floor, walls, etc.).

It was developed to help us placing “ravines”, “gorges” or “traps” (or whatever digs into the floor geometry) into the new game (still unannounced) without having to modify the background meshes.
It has been developed within Unity3D environment but it’s core principles can be easily applied to any game engine that allows custom shaders.

Monkey Boxing available on Amazon!

Monkey Boxing has been released on the Amazon store!

Monkey Boxing featured on Google Play!

Check the game page.

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