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Life @ Drakkar Dev: adding close combat to WTF

We’re currently working on close combat system in War Tech Fighters. When the Techs are close enough the player can enter in combat mode and fight with sword and shield to strike the opponent with devastating combos.

Here you can see the effect of a well placed counter attack:

Check the game page!


War Tech Fighters battle cruiser

War Tech Fighters space gets populated!

This big battle cruiser is one of the ships you’ll encounter during the game missions. We are now working on other types of ships and big space stations.

And if you’re courious about the real size of this battle cruiser here you are a comparison chart:

Check the Game Page


Life @ Drakkar Dev: back from Summer holidays

First gameplay shot!


Check the game page!


Life @ Drakkar Dev: Unite Europe Amsterdam 2015

Unite 2015 was definitely a positive and fruitful experience.


We made network with great professionals and worldwide societies.

(Also got several beers with our friends from Piwot Games).

Stay tuned to discover where the new collaborations will bring us!


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