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Monster of Puppets

Earth is in danger, an invasion is coming and Charlie needs your help!
Warm up your fingers to face the monster puppets army!


It came from outer space… and wants to rule the world!
But it’s alone. It needs an army, and what best place to find one than a fair. It shoots its Evil Ray Gun on the puppets in a shooting gallery to bring them to life. Different kind of characters will jump out from the shooting gallery to attack Charlie, the unlucky handyman.


Join Charlie to stop the puppets’ invasion. Be carefull though! Puppets are not fruits… they’ll fight back!
Attack the puppets with a vast arsenal: swipe your finger to use your bladed weapons, tap to shoot with a lot of guns, hold down two fingers to blast the enemies with energy beams.

If this is not enough, throw in action your favourite trap to do the dirty job.
In few words… have a lot of fun!





  • Lovely Opponents: cute and expressive 3D characters will make you smile.
  • Fun for Everyone: simple and well known game mechanics allow everyone to have fun from the very first levels.
  • Stunning Arsenal: a wide expandable set of weapons and abilities will help in your mission.
  • Updates: Frequent updates will add new contents and challenges.
  • Social Features: Share and compare your results with friends.



  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android


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